Twitter integration

Go to the "Extensions" section and press "ON" for Twitter.

To connect Twitter to Usedesk, open the "Channels" - "Twitter" section and click "Add".

Note! Connect from the browser where you signed in to your Twitter account.

1. Allow the application to access Twitter.

2. The page will appear in the list of channels in Usedesk. The channel name will be tightened from the "Username" field on Twitter. Edit the channel name if necessary.

After Twitter connection, you will be able to receive personal messages and comments in Usedesk:

  • Messages will be transferred to one ticket card;
  • Entries will be transferred to individual ticket cards.

For an entry from Twitter to be transferred to a ticket card, a Twitter account must be specified in @ when creating the entry. To reply, use the "Public reply" icon. The user will receive a reply on Twitter under an entry.

For the next user response to be added to the same ticket card, the user must respond under his first entry. If the user answers under the entry written in response to his post, a new ticket card will be created.
Personal messages with one user come to one request (except when the request is assigned the status "Closed" - after that, the next message will not reopen the ticket but create a new one).

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