Comments on VK and FB posts

When it comes to working with comments on wall posts of the VK and FB communities, you have to take into account a few peculiarities:

Let's start with visual design. As we all know, an unlimited number of users can leave comments on one post and exchange messages with other users. That’s why a ticket in UseDesk is created for one post with all its messages, and not for a message from an individual user. At the very top is a link to redirect you to the post in the group.

Here’s how it looks:

Tickets with comments technically belong to the contact with the group name.If your group’s name is Lilies of the Valley, then the ticket will be assigned to that “client”. Plus, a link to the ticket will also be displayed in the history of each client who left a comment on the group post.

Reply to the comments exactly the same way as on VK or FB posts: one by one. When you hover over the comment, you will see three action buttons:

  • Reply to the customer
  • Leave a comment
  • No action is required

If the first two action buttons sound familiar to you, when you click on No action is required, a comment with exactly the same name will be automatically created and the message will be marked as complete: the background will turn from pink to white. In the very first picture of this article, you will see two different examples: one with a message that has been completed and one that hasn’t been.

Note: If you close or delete a ticket, new comments on the post from VK / FB will not go to UseDesk. That’s a peculiarity of the integration, and is why when your work with the post is done, you should mark the ticket as solved.

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