Twitter integration


Usedesk's Twitter integration allows you to process private messages and mentions from your Twitter account directly in Usedesk.

Important! Connect to Twitter from a browser where you are logged into your Twitter account.

To connect Twitter to Usedesk:

1. Go to the «Extensions» section and check that the Twitter extension is enabled:

2. Open the «Channels» section and click «Add Channel»:

3. Select Twitter:

4. Allow Usedesk to access Twitter:

All set, the channel is connected!

Channel setting

The name of the channel will be pulled up from the «Username» field on Twitter — you can edit it:

By default, all settings for processing private messages and mentions are enabled in the channel:

If you do not need certain settings (for example, you want to process only mentions without direct messages in Usedesk), you can turn it off. Don't forget to click the «Save» button.

The additional setting «No messages (h)» is responsible for the following: if no new messages appear in the channel for the specified number of hours, Usedesk will send a notification to administrators.

Integration options

Handling direct messages

A private message from Twitter is automatically tagged «Twitter:Direct». This is convenient for filtering tickets by tag and working with statistics and reports. This is what a private message from Twitter in Usedesk looks like:

Twitter supports sending images and GIFs:

The same message in the Twitter interface:

Private messages from one user come in one ticket, except when the ticket is assigned the status «Closed» — after that, the next message will not reopen the ticket, but will create a new one.

Handling mentions

Twitter mentions are automatically tagged «Twitter: Mention». This is how Twitter mentions look in Usedesk:

To reply, use the «Public reply» icon:

The user will receive a response on Twitter under the entry:

The user must respond under their first entry for their response to be added to the same ticket. If the user responds to a post written in response to theirs, a new ticket will be created.