Modules API


1. To connect Yandex. Dialogs to Usedesk, open the "Extensions" section and check if the integration is enabled ("ON" for Usedesk. Dialogs).

2. Operation is directly dependent on the Webmaster, so before you start setting up, check to see if the rights to manage the site are confirmed.

3. Create a new chat:

4. When filling out the fields in the main settings, fill in the fields:

  • Provider is Usedesk;
  • ID - id of the chat channel in Usedesk (in the channel settings) to which messages are to be received;

5. When it is ready, send the chat to moderation - it can take up to 3 days;

6. After the chat is moderated, on the control panel of the chat in Yandex will appear button publishing - publish the chat

We're all set! Now, when clients see your site in search of Yandex, from below, they will see a button to start a chat.

Messages will be sent to the Usedesk chat room with the Yandex icon.

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