Vkontakte integration (personal page)

Integration with Vkontakte (personal page) allows you to respond from Usedesk to messages from your personal page that come to direct.

This channel is not included in the basic tariff and is paid separately. To find out the details and leave a request for connection, write to us at support@usedesk.ru.
1. To connect Vkontakte (personal page) to Usedesk, open the "Extensions" section and check if the integration is enabled ("ON" for Vkontakte (personal page)).

2. Open the section "Channels" ⟶ "Vkontakte (personal page)", click "Add".

3. Fill in all required fields:
Platform token is a token that you can get at https://vkhost.github.io/ ⟶VK Admin ⟶ Allow ⟶ copy part of the address bar from access_token = to & expires_in

No messages (h) - optional. Setting for channel availability notifications. If there are no messages in the channel for the time specified in the setting, a notification will be sent to all employees who have the "Channels. No messages" setting enabled in the agent profile.

Click the "Save" button and then "Connect."

After connecting, private messages will be sent to Usedesk and displayed in the "Chat" and "Tickets" sections. You can reply directly from Usedesk without going to the social network.

Vkontakte (personal page) takes into account all the functions that any ticket card, for example SLA, sending external and internal comments, etc. However, there are a number of functions that are limited:
  • sending sound files is not supported and .mp3 (due to VK policy), but you can, for example, send .wav
When using Vkontakte, information gets into the client's card (if it has not been filled out earlier):
  • Avatar - pulled from VK (client profile);
  • Name - pulled from VK (client profile);
  • Social networks - pulled from the VK id of the profile, which can be copied.

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