Instagram integration

Instagram integration Integration with Instagram allows you to respond from Usedesk to messages that come to the Direct and comments to the Post.

This channel is not included in the base tariff and is paid separately. To learn more details and leave a request for connection, write to us at

To connect Instagram to Usedesk, open the "Extensions" section, and check if the integration is enabled ("ON" for Instagram).

1.Open the "Channels" - "Instagram" section, click "Add".

2. The system will check if you have paid channels for connection:
2.1 If you do not have free channels, a widget form will open with a request to connect the channel.

2.2 If you have free channels, please continue setting up and fill in the following fields:
  • Name of the channel - by default, the name of the channel is "Instagram", which you can change;
  • Login - required field. Login from your Instagram account;
  • Password - required field. Password from your Instagram account.
Note! If you want to set up a connection via your token, please contact us in support of Fields for configuring, which you will be enabled by Usedesk support:
  • Token;
  • Company;
Then click "Create".

3. Follow the instructions when connecting:

Enter the confirmation code, which is automatically sent to you by sms/e-mail or from mobile authenticator (click in the hint "Enter the code", the field for entering the code will open and click "Send code").

  • If you enter the code, the channel may not connect immediately. Follow the instructions.

  • If the code is not received, check Instagram for confirmation.

4. The channel is connected and ready for operation (green hint "Channel connected").

Buttons are available in the connection form:
  • Save - the channel is saved without connection. If you make changes in editing the channel, press the "Save" button to save the current state of the channel fields. The channel is not created again;
  • Disconnect - the channel will be disconnected and marked with the red color. You can connect the channel again;
  • Delete - the channel is removed from the system.

Rules of use!
  • Dialogs will come to the Chat section, as with other messengers. In this case, a separate correspondence is created for each chat dialog, so that if necessary, you can return to it later and work like with any other channel. Comments to posts come as private messages;
  • Once connected, you cannot change the password of your Instagram account, otherwise the integration will be broken, because UseDesk will no longer be able to access your Instagram account, which means that messages will no longer come to UseDesk;
  • After connection, the first message from a client to Instagram may come with a delay of up to 10 minutes, because the system needs to accept requests for correspondence. Then messages come without delays;
  • After activation, you can only reply to clients' messages from UseDesk. Dialogs processed directly from Instagram will not be accessed by UseDesk.
Restore channel when you change your password to Instagram
If you decide to change the password in the installation, follow the sequence to restore the connection:
  • Go to "Channels" section - select the connected Instagram channel and press the "Disconnect" button;
  • Change the installation password and login to the application again;
  • Go to the "Channels" section - select the disabled Instagram channel - enter a new password and press "Connect";
  • Wait 5 minutes (hint "To try to connect again, wait 5 minutes") and press "Connect";
  • Then follow p. 3 and 4 of the current article.

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