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Integration with AmoCRM - create leads from your Usedesk ticket, as well as information on the current status of your customers and their leads.

Customizing integration

Create a dynamic block. Open "Settings" - "Blocks" section, click "Add a dynamic block" and fill in the fields:

1. Name is the name of the system;

2. Title - the name of the block that will be displayed in the ticket;

3. URL - fill the field with the value;

4. Enabled - fill in the checkbox to activate the block;

5. Add a parameter - press button and add required POST parameters:

  • amo_username - AmoCRM username email (required parameter) - copy it to AmoCRM in your profile settings
  • amo_domain - name of AmoCRM subdomain (required parameter)
  • deal_fields - the name of the additional deal field in AmoCRM. If you want to output several additional fields, separate the names with semicolons. For example: Amount of payment; Category
  • contact_fields - the name of the additional field in the contact card from AmoCRM. If you want to output multiple fields from the contact card, separate the names with semicolons. For example: VIP; Connection
  • company_fields - the name of the additional field in the company card from AmoCRM. If you want to output multiple fields from a company card, separate the names with a semicolon. For example: Office; Delivery
  • comments_amount - number of comments (min 1, max 50)
  • comments_type - events from AmoCRM. Enter the code of the event or list the event codes by comma.

  • tasks_amount - number of tasks (min 1, max 50)
  • block_height - block height

After making all changes, click "Save".

Go to any ticket, click "Authorize in AMO" and the system will search for the client's contact details (email, phone number) in your AmoCRM.

You'll be redirected to the page which will show your AMOCRM account in the drop-down list.

Note! You should be authorized in your AmoCRM account, which you've specified in the settings of the block (see step 5).

Click "Allow".

Authorization passed successfully!

In Usedesk, the "Create ticket" button will be active in the additional box you set up. When you click on the button "Create ticket" in the request card:

  • IIn the Usedesk and AmoCRM a lead is created, which duplicates the name of the ticket from which it was created. The tooltip that pops up in the UseDesk will inform you about the creation of a lead (press "OK");

  • A clickable link to the ticket from which the transaction was created is also available in AmoCRM (lead notes).

Note! Only one lead can be created from one ticket

In the ticket, an additional block is located on the right side of the page under the client card and other additional blocks (if any), the height of which you can adjust using the additional parameter block_height from item 6.

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