Often mistakes in a triggers

Check the situations when the trigger may not work:
1. In the trigger settings, the "Enabled" checkbox should be checked, and the "Manual start" checkbox should be absent. Manual triggers do not trigger automatically about new requests. Still, they are started separately in cases when you need to process previous tickets. To learn more about it, click here:

2. «Text contains/ Text not contains»

  • When adding several conditions check if there is an extra "not" in the trigger, where it shouldn't be.

  • When adding several conditions check if there is an extra "not" in the trigger, where it shouldn't be.
  • Make sure that all words/phrases specified in the conditions correspond to the requests and words in phrases are in the order specified in the conditions.
  • If there is a condition on the text (contains/not contains, equals/not equals), it is necessary to check if there are any extra spaces - especially before and after the phrase, where they are not visible.
  • 3. Distribution of agents online. If no actor in the specified group has online status, the trigger will not work

    4. Word forms

  • If one word is repeated in a word form more than once, the condition will not work. Note! The conditions in Usedesk are case insensitive. That is, the word "cancel" equals the word "CANCEL." Adding the same word with a different case is a repetition.

  • Unnecessary/insufficient characters. There must be two traits between words. If there is one between words, the trigger will not work.
  • Excess characters before/after brackets. There must be no vertical traits between a bracket and a word. This spelling of the word form means that the condition is oriented towards "empty." If there are any words in circulation or no characters in circulation, the trigger with this condition will work because there is exactly an "empty" in circulation.

5. Because of too many tickets and triggers in your company, the check of temporary triggers can take place once in 20 minutes

    For example:

So, you create a trigger where the temporary condition is 5 minutes from the date of creation. If the ticket was created at 17.19 and was checked at 17.20, the trigger will not be executed because 1 minute has passed instead of 5. Next time tickets will be checked after 20 minutes, i.e., at 17.40.

    6. Filling in the "When" - "All conditions" block

    For example: A trigger won't work if you don't add anything in the "When" section of "All conditions," but write only in "One condition."

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