Viber integration

There are two ways to connect the Viber to Usedesk:
  • Public account or by phone number - free connection method. This way of connection is suitable for those companies that already have a public account, as the new Viber has some limitations: for example, the account of your company can not be found through the Viber search, and clients can only write to you by direct link. To connect, create a public account according to this instructions, get its token (p.7 in it) and send it to us at;
  • By linking your account to your phone number. When connecting, we use a third-party API, so this integration is paid for. You will only need a SIM card (obligatory - with a tariff that allows you to receive sms and calls on it) and a smartphone for this SIM card for just a few minutes. We will give you detailed instructions already at connection, after payment for the channel. To start the connection, please contact our support team by e-mail
Messengers are connected to the channel widget, so messages will come to the сhat. At the same time a new chat is created for each dialog, so you can return to the correspondence later and work with it as with any other channel.

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