How to fix WhatsApp connection failure

After connecting WhatsApp to Usedesk, please note that the phone with the number for WhatsApp must always be:

  • switched on,
  • in a stable network zone,
  • connected to the charger.

If there are any problems with the network or the device itself, the integration will be broken.


  • To work properly, you must NOT use the WhatsApp web app (;
  • The device’s battery must not be lower than 100%. If it is below, charge your phone;
  • If integration with WhatsApp is disabled, reconnection is possible after at least 10 minutes, the QR code will not appear before;
  • Screen lock should be disabled;
  • WhatsApp must be launched on top of all applications;
  • You also need WhatsApp and the phone’s OS to be updated to the latest version;
  • Don't use an iPhone;
  • For easy and stable integration, we recommend Android version 7.0 or higher.

What else can be done:

1. In the WhatsApp application, enter several chats (most likely, the application is frozen, you need to "move it").

2. Check that the device has enough memory. If there is not enough memory, clear it.

3. There may be too many WhatsApp chats on the device. You can backup and delete some of the chats from the device.

4. Reboot the device.

If the connection is still not working:

Click on the channel to go to its settings to check all connections according to the recommendation inside, after which the message flow from WhatsApp to Usedesk should be restored. If this does not happen, go through all the steps to connect the channel, beginning from step 4.

If the QR code does not appear, and the setting says, "A QR code will appear here in a few seconds, which you need to scan with the WhatsApp application on your phone. Refresh the page" - click "Save" > Ctrl+F5. The QR code should appear.

Please note that pressing the "Delete" key leads to the complete removal of the channel and tickets from it.

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