How to fix WhatsApp connection failure

What can you do if WhatsApp connection doesn't work:

  • WhatsApp and the phone OS need to be updated to the latest version;
  • In the WhatsApp application, go to several chats — most likely, the application is «frozen», it needs to be «moved»;
  • Make sure that there is enough memory on the device. If there is not enough memory, clean it;
  • Restart the device.

If the connection is still not working:

  • In the channel settings, click the «Disconnect» button;
  • Wait 10 minutes;
  • Click the «Connect» button;
  • Quickly scan the QR code that appears with the WhatsApp application on your phone — to do this in the application, click on the three dots in the upper right corner → «Linked devices» ⟶ «Link a device»;
  • If the phone didn't show the new linked Pact device, refresh the page in the Usedesk again and scan the code again. The connection should be restored.