How to fix WhatsApp connection failure

Once WhatsApp is connected to Usedesk, we would like to point out that the phone with the number for WhatsApp must always be switched on and in the stable network area, as well as connected to a charger. In case of any problems with the network or the device itself the integration will be broken.
When you go to the Channels section, you will see that the WhatsApp channel icon has become warning red.

Click on the channel to go to its settings, check all connections according to the comment inside, after which the flow of messages from WhatsApp to Usedesk should be restored. If this does not happen, go through all the steps to connect the channel, starting from point 4.

If the QR code does not appear, but in the setting, the message "Here in a few seconds a QR code will appear, which should be scanned by WhatsApp application on your phone. Refresh page" - press "Delete" > "Save" > Ctrl+F5. The QR code should appear.

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