Changes in telephony connection TELFIN

When Telfin telephony is connected, the system now sends an API request to get a list of operator IDs.

The Operator ID list is displayed in the new field "List of operator IDs" in the channel creation card.

The data in the list are displayed in the format " Full Name: ID" without the right to delete. Copy the data and set up integration faster.


Display quotes in the Request form when responding to a client

We continue to work with the Request card and have limited the "Reply" block's height in this update. Now you can view long messages and quotes when responding using the scroll.

For those who use the "Show quote when replying" setting in the "E-Mail" channel, we have added the "Show quote" button in the "Reply" box, under which the quote will be hidden.


Changes in the Ticket and Chat card

The response field is now always in the ticket card to reduce the number of clicks when replying to the client.
Also, for a quick response, we have moved the "Reply" and "Leave a comment" buttons in the Request form and made them as tabs "Message" and "Comment" next to the field they belong to.

  • If an employee does not have access to an external response, the system will open a field with a yellow backlight only with the "Comment" tab;
  • If an employee does not have permission to reply at all, the field for reply will be hidden.
  • Additionally, in the Request form, we have reduced the autocomplete "Find in Help Center" by half, and to the right of it, we have placed the buttons "Add the address to copy" and "Send a message."

When you click on the "Add the address to copy" button under the "Find in help centere" field, you will see a block with the fields "Copy" and "Hidden copy" - now you do not need to minimize and expand the block, it will be opened.


Check additional fields at the end of the Chat

By analogy with the Request card, we have added a check on filling in the mandatory fields in the Chat. When the Chat is over (the "End dialog" button), the system reacts to the required additional fields by highlighting them in red.