General updates


VKontakte. Comment processing on posts

Comment processing on posts has become much more convenient:

  • every comment now is a new query in Usedesk,
  • a query shows the link to the post, the client’s first comment, and the picture of the post, which can be downloaded,
  • when you reply to a comment, Usedesk automatically inserts the client’s name in the response form,
  • you can see the entire thread of comments using the eye icon,
  • there is an opportunity now to reply to a client’s comment in private messages.

This is how the updated query interface with comments looks in VKontakte:

A this is how it was before — the interface was not intuitively clear, it was difficult to define, which post the client’s comment referred to, and the entire branch of comments existed in one query:

Read more about the updated integration with VKontakte in the article following the link.


Сhat. Automatic chat distribution

Now, if a client wrote a new message in a chat, and a chat performer is «Offline», Usedesk will assign another agent as a chat performer — the one with the status «Оnline», and who has the least number of chats. If necessary, this function can be turned off in the chat settings using the new checkbox «Automatic distribution»:

Previously, this functionality worked for chat widgets, and it was impossible to turn it off — it was inconvenient for those, who cared about the principle «one agent — one client», and for those who cared about the maximum promptness of response. Now you are able to set priorities yourselves!

Important. If you have rules for assigning agents in chats, which conflict with the automatic distribution, the system prioritizes them without taking into account their automatic distribution.

More details about the automatic distribution read in the article following the link.