Instagram. Reply to comment on a post with a private message

You can now reply to a post with a personal message (direct) in the "Chat" section.
- To do this, in the "Chat," click on the "Send message" icon.

- Write a message to the customer whose comment you are replying to.

- When you click on the "Send message" button, a new request is created in which you will continue to communicate with the client (in direct).

Read more in the article ("Comments on posts" subsection.)


Telegram. Working with buttons

Automation is ahead of the rest. We know that many of you have started to automate the initial customer dialogues through bots, so meet the buttons in the Telegram channel.
Previously, it was impossible to show the client a button in Telegram, by clicking on which something will happen. Now it is enough to send the client the construction {{button: Button text; link; blank; show}}, which will turn into a button, and the client can use it:
  • Button text – the name of the button. As an example, there might be a call to action;
  • Link – the link to which the button will lead. The link could be:
    • link to an external resource that will open in the browser
    • a link to the Telegram channel, which the client will go to immediately when he clicks on the button;
    • emptiness. If you do not specify anything, then the client will be able to click on the button, and the name of the button will be sent to you in Usedesk. You can customize any rule for the name and continue the conversation with the client.
An example of what a button looks like in Usedesk and Telegram
in Usedesk

in Telegram

Knowledge base. List of articles in the widget

Back in the summer, we began to display articles in your knowledge base by division hierarchy (in a widget).
But if you do not store information according to this principle and do not divide it into categories and articles, then this update is for you:

When you open a knowledge base with one section and one category in the widget, a list of articles without a section and category is immediately displayed. Thus, the client will immediately see a list of articles with quick answers to basic questions.


Dialog initialization. Phone number formats

Previously, to initiate a dialogue with a client in channels for WhatsApp (Pact, Landbot, Infobip) and Viber (Chat2desk), you had to enter a phone number in the international format (without indicating +) XXXXXXXXXX.
For example, for the Russian Federation, the number looked like this 79254321098, and for the Republic of Belarus - 375296787656. If the phone number was entered incorrectly, then you encountered an error.
Now we have made a form that accepts numbers in any format (+7, 7, and 8).


Blocks. List of articles in the widget

Less load means more speed. We worked out the dynamic block to reduce the load and the risk of errors in the system. The information into the dynamic block is now loaded automatically within 10 seconds or manually (by pressing the "Force load" button) if there is no time to load automatically:

If you cannot get the data during manual upload, write to us in support at


Chat report. Default filters

In the report on chats, unlike other reports, there were no filters for analyzing indicators. Today we have added such a feature, namely:
  • Channel
  • Type of
  • Agent groups
  • Agents
  • Tags:
  • Customer
  • Company
  • Additional fields
We will enable the functionality for companies gradually, within a month. If you need earlier – write to us in support at

Triggers. Additional tips

We do not allow specifying the same mail in the rules and the mail channel in the system. Information tip to help you:


Channels. Channel activity

Newly created integrations are marked red in the channel list if they are inactive.


Widget. Additional fields in FF

In the FF, your clients will now be able to fill in additional fields that you use in the ticket card. You do not have to register or additionally request any information from the client manually, the system will send everything to you automatically.

To do this, use the setting in the chat channel "Additional ticket fields" in the "Feedback form" block. Select the ones that your customers will fill out when they contact you.

All fields, after sending the FF, will be automatically filled in the created ticket card.


Android. File preview

Added the ability to view files that came in a message from a client in .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .xls, .RTF .txt, .doc, .csv formats.
Now you do not need to download them and clog the phone memory. Save only what you need.

Android. Last open filter tab

We remembered the last open query filter tab and opened it automatically the next time the application was opened.

Android. Employee mentioning functionality

Added the functionality of mentioning an employee. If, while writing a message in the Chat, set the "@" symbol, the system will offer a list of company employees who can be mentioned. The employee will receive a notification.

Android. Improvements in a work with copies

Working with copies in the mail channel is implemented through the "Copies" button in the ticket card. Add cc or bcc, besides the main recipient, to whom you want to send the message. Wherein:
  • If, when opening a ticket, there is already someone in the copy, then instead of the "Copy" button, "and more ..." will be displayed;
  • suppose some e-mails participated in the correspondence earlier, but they are not now in the "Cc" and "Bidden" fields. In that case, you will find this list here – "Previously participated in the correspondence."

SDK. Android. Configuring the "FF + Chat" Chat

When setting "Always FF + Chat in the Chat, when initializing the Chat, we now take into account two conditions to show FF:
  • If during the initialization of the Chat the FF was not filled earlier (there is no ticket), then we open the FF for filling;
  • If the FF was filled in earlier during the initialization of the Chat (there is a ticket and its status is Completed / Closed / Spam / Deleted / Mailing / Merged), then we open the FF for filling.