Requests. DTP request card layout

Changed the layout of the request card. Text "Enter - new paragraph, Shift+Enter - moving to the next line" as a placeholder for the response field, calculating the number of characters to the right of the header. It decreased the initial state of the field for entering the message.

Requests. Hidden copies on delivery

In situations where we want to send several teachers a request to open a timetable for a student. There is now a mass mailing functionality, but the recipient can access the other recipients' addresses. That is, we cannot make a hidden delivery. The hidden field during delivery is implemented so that recipients do not see other recipients from this field.

Requests. Saving the status to which it will be applied after the answer

Added an additional item to the list of possible statuses: Don't change

If the local storage is clean, the default status is Done. The status value is picked up from the local storage for the next responses.

Requests. List. The "All except" condition for the Tags filter

We added a button for the "Everything but" tag filter - it works the same way as in other filters. In the case of the "All except" condition, it allows you to filter only those tickets that contain all the tags specified in the condition. If there is such a tag, it is not displayed in the list.

Chats. Refine the evaluation sending function

One logic In all messengers, the evaluation is done via the emoji. In the telegram, buttons come in.

The rules. Action "Add to spam/vip"

When a client marks VIP, their mails are added to the white list and removed from the blacklist. If the client is flagged as a spammer, their mails are added to the blacklist (not removed from the white list). The client's tickets get the status of "spam".

Chat. Cut off tags when sending messages via WhatsApp botmoms

Removed tag formatting in messages via the WhatsApp botmom channel. If unallocated links are displayed in the text of the message because WhatsApp does not detect them.


Chat. Attaching files (modifications)

Now it is possible to drag and drop files into the correspondence history area and then the system will immediately send the file to the chat. You can drag and drop several files into this area, and the system will immediately send them as separate messages.

You can also attach one screenshot from the clipboard by combining ctrl+v. The system will attach it to the message and send it when you press "Send". This is a very convenient function if you use applications to save screenshots to the clipboard.

List of requests. Search by request number

In the list of queries the possibility to search for queries by their number is added.

API. Method for obtaining the list of system channels

There is a method of obtaining the channel list:

The method can accept the channel_type parameter for filtering by channel type.

Filters. Condition «Value not selected»

Now it is possible to filter fields of the "Drop-down list" and "Sublist" types by the "Value not selected" condition. This value will be useful if you need to get the list of all requests where your additional field is not filled in.

Creating a request. Problems with long numbers

The system has always had the logic of specifying an additional number for the client. It is significantly outdated and does not allow adding large numbers, such as Belarusian ones. We have eliminated this logic and this problem.


Filter count

The filter count generated a huge load on the system. As a matter of fact, the system recalculated all the filters available to the employee at each request page loading, even those that are not used by the employee. We decided to disable counting if the current employee hasn't been in the filter for more than 9 days. To enable counting of the disabled filter it is enough just to open it. This measure will reduce the load and speed up the system operation.

List of requests. Search by request number

In response to the method of obtaining information about the ticket, we added the output of the file type passed in the files parameter. Displays the mime-type file as 'application/x-xls'.

API. Channel ID

Added parameter in the server response to the method: channel_id. This parameter displays the channel through which the request was created.

Widget. Localization

We've finalized localization of the widget in other languages. Now there are no localized places in the widget.

Ability to respond in a chat from a request card

Now you can work with chats directly from the request module. Responding to the request card - the system will throw the answer to the chat and back.