List of triggers

Triggers are additional conditions under which a specified action is performed. Triggers will help to save time for processing requests and set up business processes. For example, all messages from VIP clients are assigned to the manager.

Open «Automation» → «Triggers» section, and Usedesk will show you the list of created triggers.

The list of basic triggers is divided into two parts:

1. Enabled triggers — the list includes all triggers that have the «Enabled» option enabled — the triggers are already in effect;

2. Disabled triggers — the list includes all triggers with the «Enabled» option disabled. If necessary, enable the trigger by clicking on the icon

Pay attention to the order of the triggers because the triggers are executed in order. The first trigger to be executed is the one located above. Use drag and drop to change the order of the triggers. Exception: you cannot drag triggers from the enabled list to the disabled list and vice versa.

To create a trigger, click on the «Create» button.

Note! All automatic messages and notifications that are configured by the triggers are sent on behalf of Usedesk Bot. To rename a bot agent, go to «Agents» → «Bot», select a bot agent for editing by clicking on the «Edit» icon.