Telfin telephony integration

1. To connect Telfin telephony, go to the «Channels» section and click «Add Channel».

2. Click on «Telephony».

3. Fill in the «Channel name», which will be displayed in the general channel list in the «Channels» section and when working with calls.

4. Select «Telfin» telephony.

After selecting the telephony, press the «Save» button.

5. In the channel creation card, copy the link from the «Application URL» field and click «Create app».

6. Fill in the application registration form (please log in to the Telphin website beforehand):

  • Application Name — enter the name of the application;
  • Redirect URLs — insert the copied (field «Application URL») link;
  • Application Type — select from the Trusted list;
  • Application Access — select Call API;
  • Register — save the settings.

7. In your Telfin account, copy the values of the «App ID» and «App Secret» fields.

8. Add the «App ID» and «App Secret» fields to the channel creation card.

9. After entering the data, press the «Save» button.
10. Go back to the card of the created channel.

11. Press the «Authentication» button.

12. Confirm Telfin's access to your account by clicking «Allow».

13. The system automatically sends an API request to get the list of operator IDs, which will be displayed in the «List of operator IDs» field, and «Authentication status» will be automatically changed to «Active».

14. Go to the profile settings or to the settings of each agent to be connected, if you have administrator rights and fill in the fields:
  • «Phone» — add the number provided by Telfin, to which (and from which) calls will be made;

  • «Telephony» — select the type of telephony «Telphin»;
  • «Operator ID» — copy the operator ID from the «List of operator IDs» field in the channel creation card (personal ID if you edit your profile, or another user ID if you are an administrator).

After entering all the data in the profile setting, press the «Save» button.

15. Configure access rights so that the agents you need can work in the telephony channel (important — an employee with «Internal employee» rights cannot make calls). How to set up the rights, we tell you in the article by the link.

When making a call (outgoing/incoming), a new or current customer's request card is created. Once the call is completed, the request card will receive an internal comment «Start of outgoing call»/«Start of incoming call» and information about the call:

  • Type — outgoing call (call initiator — company employee), incoming call (call initiator — client);
  • Status — success (the client picked up the phone/got through to you), not success (the client did not pick up the phone/could not reach you);
  • ID — ID of the operator in the telephony;
  • Call time — the time when the call starts;
  • End time — the time when the call with the client is completed;
  • Call duration — time when the client/agent picked up the handset minus the end time [hh:mm:ss];
  • Download file Link — a button with a download link to download the call record;
  • Subscriber — the client's phone number.

If the call status is «not successful», there will be no link to download the call information file.

16. To make and receive calls, you need to install the «Telfin.Softphone» extension —

You can find out more about the possibilities of integration between Telfin and Usedesk on the website.
Note! Settings may differ from operator to operator, so it is best to contact Telfin support to help with the connection. If you need any advice or additional help, write to us at

For more information on how telephony works in Usedesk, please see here.