Work with custom fields

Custom fields are displayed on the ticket/chat control panel. If there are one or more required fields, a red asterisk appears above the icon.

Enter the desired value and click «Apply».

When answering a card ticket (or when the chat is over), the system reacts to mandatory custom fields with different conditions and at different levels. If obligatory fields are not filled in, the system will highlight them in red.

Mandatory fields can be at different levels:

  • If the second-level field is mandatory, the first level automatically becomes mandatory;
  • If the second field is not displayed, check the visibility conditions of the first field.

In the ticket/chat card, you must first select the first level's value and then select the values of the second and third levels in succession. If the first level is not selected, the subsequent levels will be blocked for selection and highlighted in gray.

If a tag is added to the custom field's properties, a tag will be added to the ticket.

When sending a message, the values of the custom fields are applied.

When additional fields are changed, a ticket page is automatically updated. Updating a ticket can be a condition for a trigger to work.