General updates


Knowledge base. Adding Anchors

Now the knowledge base article editor supports anchors — html code of the form:

With the help of an anchor, a user reading your article can immediately move to the section he needs.

Now users will not get lost in the text — you can safely write long articles. By the way, with the help of anchors at the beginning of the article, you can organize clickable contents:

This is what the contents code looks like:


Slack. Integration

We have made a new integration with Slack. You can set up a new integration through the «Channels» → «Add a channel» → «Slack» section. Now the tile with the list of channels looks perfect — it seems that it was Slack that was missing in it :)

So that you can immediately understand everything, we wrote a detailed article. It has all the information: from connecting and setting up a channel to a useful trigger that you might need.

From brand new:

  • Usedesk learned how to work with private channels in Slack;
  • if for some reason the discussion was not started in Usedesk (for example, the channel was connected later than the discussion started), it will be loaded if a new message from the discussion arrives in Usedesk.