Manual starting triggers

Manual start of triggers applies to queries that are already in the system and is triggered once by manual start.

Note! Manual start of triggers will process maximum 40 000 tickets created during the last month (31 days).

Let us consider an example of how to make a manual start of a trigger:
You need all clients who have written a complaint about an error in the system to be informed that the failure has been eliminated and everything is ready to work.

1. Mark the letters of complaint about the bug with the tag «Failure».
2. Create a manual trigger in the section «Automation» → «Triggers» so that in response to the treatment with the tag «Failure» will leave a message about the elimination of the bug.

3. Go to section «Automation» → «Manual starting triggers» → select a trigger and click «Start».

The trigger will check tickets in the system, find tickets with the tag «Failure» and send messages to clients.
In the «Automation» → «Manual starting triggers» section, besides manual start of triggers, you can also see the history, namely, the number of updated tickets and clients, in which the manual trigger made any changes in the date when the trigger was started.