Internal comments

Internal comments are used:

  • For internal discussion of a request by support users and employees of other departments;
  • For personal notes of a user on ticket, for example, «waiting for the manager's decision».

The company employees who have access rights «Internal employee» can only write comments and have no access to public messages.

To create a comment, press the «Comment» button. Pay attention that the «Reply» button and the text input fields will change to yellow.

In comments mention internal agents and external e-mails, which are not used in Usedesk, for example, a partner’s e-mail. Just enter a symbol @ and start typing a colleague’s name/ his e-mail or specify an external e-mail (one or more). A dropdown list will appear below, you need to choose there a correct e-mail address/ an agent’s name and confirm it by clicking.

An e-mail address/ an agent’s name will change to a system view in a comment text entry field.

A comment with such an e-mail address mention will be sent to this mailbox by an e-mail, a reply to it will return to a ticket as an internal comment. To continue correspondence with a person you mention in a ticket card, do not forget to mention him or her.

Additionally, mention notifications can come to a browser and an e-mail if a colleague's mention-related settings are set up in an agent's profile.

Agent mentions can also be used as filters for searching tickets.