General updates


Main report. Filters

Previously, it was possible to apply filters when creating the main report only for queries sorted by date of update.

We have added an ability to apply filters to the report with queries sorted by date of creation, as well.

Also, in both types of reports the fields have been updated. For example, now there are two different fields: «Client’s contact» and «Client’s mail». In the «Client’s contact» field you can see the email from which the request has been done. In the «Client’s mail» field there are all the client’s email addresses that are specified in the interface in the form for creating/editing. If there are several email addresses, they will be specified in the «Client’s mail» field, separated by commas.

Thanks to the new fields, all the clients’ e-mail addresses are uploaded to the reports, and there is no data loss.

All report metrics sorted by refresh date have been added to the report with queries, sorted by creation date. Specifically: «status change date», «first reply time», «first comment time», «runtime», «completed by the first reply», «number of agent replies», «number of agent comments», «number of client replies».


Security. Connected device reset

Sometimes our clients faced the following problem: if a user, who had two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator, changed his device, he had to contact Usedesk Support to reset the old device.

To save your and our time, the «Reset the device» feature has been added to the «Security» section:

Company administrators can reset any user’s device — administrator, internal staff, or support agent.

After the reset, when authorizing, the user will be able to rescan the QR code in the Google Authenticator app.


Widget chat rating

The ability to rate support in the widget chat was a default feature — it was impossible to remove it from Usedesk, and site developers had to edit styles to make it happen.

We have added a new «Allow evaluation» setting. If you do not want to receive ratings from clients in the widget, just turn off the feature:

The button’s appearance has changed — now it is a minimalistic and сlear asterisk:

Also, you have an ability to set any rating prompt text — for example, «Has your issue been solved?» or «Rate the support work»:

The text will be displayed in the widget when you hover over the asterisk:


Removing a client from the list

Previously, the list of clients displayed both — current and deleted clients. Meanwhile, all deleted clients looked the same, and it was inconvenient to work with the list.

Now we no longer display deleted clients in the client list, the company card and when searching for clients — the data has become more accurate.



Editing the «Site» field in the client’s card

A new parameter sites has been added to the API update/client method — now it is possible to add a site to the client`s card. The array with sites contains the following parameters:

  • id — id of the site (not mandatory).
    If specified, the existing site will be modified.
    If a non-existing id is specified, there will be no updates.
  • url — link to the client’s site (mandatory).
    In case of null-value, and if an id parameter is set, the site will be deleted.

More details about working with the client’s card via API are available in our API documentation.


Telegram. Personal account. Creating a chat

A new feature has become available in the integration with Telegram via personal account - creating a chat by user's nickname. You will be able write to a client from Usedesk even if you don't have his phone number.

Some people feel more comfortable sharing their nickname rather than their number — for example, in order not to give extra personal data. Now it’s easy to work with these clients as it is with everyone else :)

Read more about sending messages to Telegram personal (pact) channel via API in our API documentation.