How to add company information and set company business hours

Company setting

Open the «Settings» → «Company» section and provide information about your company:

  • Name — company's name. By default, it is the same as the one you specified at registration;
  • City and Address;
  • Phones — add any number of phones that we can use to contact you;
  • Description — information about who you can contact at the specified phone numbers;
  • Language;
  • Logotype — upload the company logo. The company logo will be displayed on your Knowledge base page.

Company ID in UseDesk — unchangeable field, the ID of your company given when registering the company. You may need it when contacting support or for integrations.

After making changes, click «Save».

Business hours of the company's office

Open «Settings» → «Company working days» and set your company's working hours:

  1. Select the time zone;
  2. Tick the working days and breaks on the checkbox;
  3. Set the time to start and end the working day and breaks in the office.

If fields are not filled in with data and/or not ticked on the checkbox, the days are considered non-working (no breaks in the break box).

After making changes, click «Save».

The company's working time will be used when setting up rules (for example, for auto-replies during non-working hours or distribution of requests) and the calculation of SLA, if the working time of employees is not specified.

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