Integration with Asana for work with Asana tasks directly from Usedesk (creating and updating tasks, tracking recent changes, linking tasks to a specific request card, etc.).

Integration setup

  1. Create an additional field (text type). Open the section "Settings" ⟶ "Additional fields," click "Create"
  2. Create a dynamic block. Open the section "Settings" ⟶ "Blocks", click "Add dynamic block":
    1. Name - the name of the system;
    2. Title - the name of the block, which will be displayed in the request card;
    3. URL - fill in the field with the value
    4. Enabled - check the box to activate the block;
    5. Add parameter - POST parameters (see section 3)

3. Add parameters (POST):

  1. api_asana - Asana token
  2. api_usedesk - Usedesk token
  3. field_id - id of the additional field
4. After making all the changes, click "Save"

How the integration works

An additional block is located on the right side of the page under the client's card and other additional blocks (if any) in the request card.
Additionally, the field that you used for setting can be hidden without the possibility of editing (setting in an additional field).
Creation a task
When you click on the "Create" button, the task creation form is displayed:
"Task name" – an arbitrary field. In the fields "Workspace," "Project," and "Contractor," values from Asana will be automatically pulled up as the card is filled out. The "Deadline" field allows you to specify the date in the "DD-MM-YYYY" format. In the description, you can specify in more detail the description of the created task. The created task will be automatically attached to the request.

Attaching a task to the ticket card
You can link one or more tasks to the request card. The connection will be displayed in the additional field from item 1. Bind - see information on a specific task (s) in the request card. To do this, click "Link" and fill in the "Number" field by entering the Asana task key. For example, 1200006350188623.

Information in the additional block of the ticket card

The information in the additional block of the request card includes the following information and functions:

No attached tasks

If no tasks have been associated with the current request, we will show the message "There are no related tasks" and two buttons - "Create" and "Link," with which you can add tasks to the ticket:

One attached task
In addition to the "Create" and "Link" buttons, the "Unlink" button also appears. Details of the task are also shown:

By clicking on the name of the task, you can go to the task in Asana. If the task has subtasks, you can go to Asana by clicking on its name.

Several attached tasks
If several tasks are attached to the request, we will show the list. Clicking on the title opens the task card, and clicking on the icon next to the title will take you to Asana. You can also create another task right there:

To return to the list of linked tasks, update the additional block.

Comments in the ticket
When creating, linking, and unlinking a task, we will indicate the details in an internal comment: