List of custom fields

Custom fields — custom fields that will help you detail the requests, divide them into categories in a convenient format, and collect statistics.

Go to «Settings» — «Custom fields», and Usedesk will show you a list of custom fields.

The following functions are possible in the list:

1. Create a custom field, depending on the field type:

  • Text. In this field, you can add any static information upon request (order number, contracts);
  • List. Select the desired request subject from the drop-down list with values;
  • Checkbox. Tick the box for the specific type of request;
  • Nested list. Distribute information into two, three levels in the list. Values of the next level list depend on the previous level list (for example, the first level list — Countries, the second level list — Cities, and when you select America, only American cities will be tightened).

2. Specify field activity. A field can be made inactive and, it will not be displayed in the request interface. To do this, drag it to the «Inactive fields» section. The plus is that the field with its settings will not have to be deleted and created again from scratch if you need it again.

3. Change the order of the fields. Swap fields with drag and drop to be displayed in chats, tickets, and reports.

4. Edit or delete the field. Select it from the list of fields, enter values when editing, and press the corresponding buttons.

If an additional field is used in any rules, before deleting the field, Usedesk will remind you of this by showing a list of these rules.

Custom fields in the list have a structure, priority, ID, and an icon that indicates the type of field and the obligation to fill in.