General updates


Filters in reports and ticket lists

Managers use reports to rate efficiency and calculate bonuses — they have many filters that can make a report as demonstrative as possible, just for your company.

To help you spend less time selecting options, we have added a new time interval to the filters — «Last month».

Now you don't have to manually enter dates to get a report like this — your work will become a little more pleasant :)

The new interval is available not only in reports, but also in the ticket list filters:


Creating tickets

Some companies often write to clients themselves — for example, to remind them about payment, ask for feedback, or send a special offer.

Usually, the same channel is used for such cases. When creating a ticket, an agent does the same actions and fills in the required fields, including selecting a necessary e-mail channel. So, by choosing the same channel over and over again, agents make extra clicks and spend more time on their work.

Now the system automatically substitutes an e-mail channel when creating an outgoing ticket — Usedesk remembers a last selected channel for a current agent and a browser. This update will save agent time when handling outgoing tickets and will allow them to work more efficiently.


Knowledge base. New styles

In February, we introduced new Knowledge base styles. We continue to release updates for the new styles:

  • the category and the Base search bars corners are now rounded,
  • the texts inside the category bars are left-aligned,
  • the font sizes of the Knowledge base name and section titles have been changed,
  • a background color of a search line matches a bar color with article categories,
  • the Base search bar is wider now,

  • A navigation to an article is added to the search results — we show in which section and category a result was found.


E-mail channel connection and setting up

Connecting and configuring an e-mail channel is now easier:

What we changed:

  • For convenience, when filling the «e-mail address» field in any of connection types, the same field in the second connection type is now automatically filled with the same value;
  • Optional fields were moved to the new subsections «additional settings», so that they do not hinder if they are not needed;
  • the field «main e-mail» was renamed to «additional e-mail (1)» and moved to additional settings — the field functionality remains the same;
  • the «quote correspondence» field has been removed — its functionality has moved to the «quoting» field of an e-mail channel settings.


Widget. New styles

We have created new widget styles. In a channel edit mode there is an option to choose, which widget styles you want to use (while we connect the feature on demand, write to

All widget updates will only apply to the new widget style — the old-style widget will no longer be updated and will remain the same.

Widget code does not change depending on an applied style — after a style changing there is no need to update a widget code on your site, a widget will update a style automatically. Don't forget to reset a browser cache or open a widget page in an incognito mode to see changes.

The new widget is more practical, modern and beautiful:

  • instead of «n seconds ago», the widget now displays the exact time, when a message arrived — in the lower right corner of a message bar;
  • client and agent/bot messages are now colored differently — it is easier to perceive a dialogue;
  • removed an avatar from client messages;
  • the signature «you» has been removed from client messages;
  • a client now has an option to send emoticons to a widget with a separate button;
  • message/file and smiley buttons became a little smaller;
  • avatars of agent/bot messages became smaller and are now located at the bottom corner of a message;
  • if an agent/bot wrote several messages one by one, an agent/bot avatar will be displayed only next to a last message and not next to all of them;
  • fonts have become thinner;
  • a rounding radius of messages is now larger;
  • lower corners of a widget are now rounded;
  • a message block width now depends on a content inside — previously all message bars were the same size.

The list is long, but it's better to see it once. On the left there is a widget in the old style, and on the right — there is a new one: