Telegram integration

Telegram is a popular instant messaging service that can be integrated with Usedesk to receive your customers' messages.

The integration allows you to receive and respond to messages in the Usedesk chat room. This integration is free. For configuration:

1. Go to "Extensions" section and press "ON" for Telegram;

2. Get in Telegram token for integration:
  • Go to Telegram and find the bot named @BotFather;
  • Press /start, select /newbot, think up, and send the name of the bot;
  • If the bot accepts the name, enter the username. The main thing is to have a bot or _bot at the end of the name;
  • @BotFather will send a message with a token of your bot. Copy it.

3. Go to "Channels" - "Chat", click "Add" or open an existing one;

4. Click "Telegram Setting" in the channel setting;

5. Add the previously copied token and press "Save".

Now you can write to your bot whose name was invented earlier to test the channel.

When using Telegram, the following information is added to the client card (if not filled out earlier):

  • Avatar - pulled from Telegram (customer profile);
  • Name - the client's public name or nickname is pulled from Telegram (if no public name is available);
  • Messengers - customer's nickname is pulled from Telegram. At the same time, if the client's card id was specified, which was earlier added from Telegram, the client's nickname will be pulled instead of it.

Note! If you send a contact to Telegram, it will appear in UseDesk in text format "Name and phone number".

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