Google Docs Integration with Zapier

Open the "Extensions" section and check if the integration ("ON" for "Zapier") is enabled;

Go to "Channels" - "Zapier" - click "Add";

Let's look at an example of creating queries from columns in a google doc.

1. Visit Zapier by invitation from UseDesk;

2. Accept the invitation and register (or log in if you already have an account);

3. Then go to the main page and press the "MAKE A ZAP" button;

4. Choose Google Sheets;

5. Select "New or Updated Spreadsheet Row" to create a new request when a column in the Google Sheets Table appears or changes and press "CONTINUE";

6. Connect to your Google Account;

7. Select the required document and the sheet from which data will be downloaded;

8. Check and confirm the data;

9. Connect to Usedesk (select Usedesk in the application list);

10. Select the action "Create ticket" to create a request from the Google Sheets.

11. Go to Usedesk - "Channels" - "API" - click "Add"

12. Enter the channel name and click "Save";

13. Copy the value from the "App secret key" field;

14. Go to Zapier and paste the value from the "App secret key" field into the "API Token" field;

15. Fill in the remaining fields in Zapier: select the match between the Google sheets columns and the ticket fields in the request. For example, information from the "Message" column will be loaded into the "Message" field;

16. After you have filled in everything, check and press "CONTINUE";

17. A message will pop up saying that zap was successfully created, don't forget to enable zap.