Profile. Ability to change the sound of a new notification

In each user's profile settings, we've added the ability to change the browser notification sound. You can choose from five sounds of different pitch, which you can listen to before saving your settings.


Knowledge Base. Rating of articles and improvement of the list

Working with the knowledge base has become even easier. We added more information on the article list page and removed unnecessary buttons.
On the article list page, you will see if the article is published and what its rating is. When hovering over an article, buttons for editing, copying and deleting will be available, as well as the full title of the article in a popup window.

Telegram. Information in the client card

We continue working on the task of filling the client card with valid information. Today we give you Telegram.

When using Telegram, the following information is added to the client card (if not filled out earlier):

  • Avatar - pulled from Telegram (customer profile);
  • Name - the client's public name or nickname is pulled from Telegram (if no public name is available);
  • Messengers - customer's nickname is pulled from Telegram. At the same time, if the client's card id was specified, which was earlier added from Telegram, the client's nickname will be pulled instead of it.


Chat. Saving text entry field size

The size of the text-entry box you configured for yourself is now saved for all chats. So feel free to change the height of the field for convenient work in your account. And if you and your colleague are working at the same computer, for example, in shifts, you can share your settings with him (the settings are saved for any user if he logs in from the same browser).

Interface. New switches for extensions and changes in the ticket

In the request card interface, you can now change the status, priority and type much faster. We reduced the number of clicks and added a new style to the buttons.

And in the Extensions section, the toggles now look different.


API. Logging of changes in additional fields

Now when custom fields are changed through API, the logs will be displayed in the request form.

Along with this, we added the possibility to pass not only value's id but also the value of the field itself in the ticket's update method ( for dropdown lists.


Integrations. Telephony OnlinePBX

Expanding telephony at the speed of light. The new OnlinePBX telephony is added to the integration piggy-bank, it's now available for customization in Usedesk and full-fledged usage. Details in our article.


WhatsApp Business. Initializing a chat through Usedesk

In WhatsApp Business, as everyone has long known (or maybe not known), to send the first message to a client, you need to use a template agreed upon with Facebook in advance.

In Usedsek, it's now possible to connect WhatsApp Business to work and initialize a chat with a client, using the "Create WhatsApp chat" button.

We've added a "Business" setting to the WhatsApp channel and the ability to insert a template name with variables when initializing the chat.

Knowledge Base. Article Activity Date

We haven't neglected such a section as "Knowledge Base". In it, we've added the ability to configure the article's visibility for a certain period.
To do this, use the "Active until" setting to specify the date until which the article will be available to users in your Knowledge Base.