Agent status: online/offline

Agent status — a function of queue distribution between agents at incoming requests. In Usedesk, agent status is set up separately for tickets and chat.

The call distribution system is divided into two types:
  • Automatic distribution — by default, the system automatically distributes incoming tickets to agents or groups of agents who have access to the chat, taking into account a load of agents (number of open chats). No settings are needed for the automatic type of distribution. This type of distribution is available only in chats;
  • Through a rule — the system distributes by predefined rules by a load of agents (in chats and tickets) and in turn. Configuration can be done for both chats and tickets.

On the chat page, each agent has a status indicator to work with tickets.

This indicator can also be found in the «Agents» section, where an admin can change the agents' statuses, including itself.

Use the hotkey combination U+S to quickly change the status.

With automatic distribution, if the agent is offline, it does not participate in distributing incoming chats (the system removes the agent from the distribution queue).

If you have configured to assign calls through a rule, the automatic distribution set by default in chats will not work.

Note! You can set up the automatic conversion of a agent to offline status in a chat if the agent is unavailable online, i.e. left Usedesk or turned off the computer. Learn more about it here.
When distributing a trigger to the next agent online, the system selects an agent who is online in the same section (chat/tickets).
The time the agent has spent in online status is taken into account in the chat report's overall working hours.