AppFollow notifies Usedesk about reviews from the App Store and Google Play, and you respond directly from Usedesk.

Important! AppFollow sends reviews to your Usedesk technical address — by default it is hidden in the system. To connect the integration, email our support team

Setting up integration

1. Sign up and select an appropriate tariff from AppFollow.

2. Set up integration with AppFollow in app stores to be able to respond to comments, for Android and iOS.

3. In UseDesk, open "Channels" - "Email" section, click "Add".

4. Enter the name of the channel and add the default address to "Outbound connection". After making all changes, click "Save";

If you have triggers set up auto-responses, add this channel to exceptions in "AND Conditions" so that no auto-responses are ever received.

5. Open an application page in AppFollow and select the Integrations section;

6. Click on "Add New Integration";

7. In Usedesk, copy the e-mail address from the "Incoming connection" field;

8. Paste the copied e-mail address into a pop-up window in your AppFollow account (the "Usedesk e-mail" field) and select which reviews you want to receive (check the number of asterisks) and click "Add integration";

Save it! Here we go!
Send a test notification to check the integration.