Voximplant telephony integration

Voximplant provider's telephony can be connected only to outgoing calls to clients from UseDesk.

To connect Voximplant telephony, go to the «Channels» section and click «Add Channel»:

Click on «Telephony»:

1. Fill in "Channel Name" - required field, which will be displayed in the general list of channels in the "Channels" section and when working with requests.
2. Choose any telephony except "Gravitel", "Mango", "Telfin".

3. In the user's profile in the "Telephony" block, select "voximplant", specify the login and password of the operator provided by the provider and save.

In this case, a ticket with information about the conversation will be automatically assigned to the user who communicates with the client by phone.

To call a client, click on his/her phone number in the client's card, client list, or in the "Client info" block in the ticket card.

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