Co-browsing is an additional feature in the chat that allows you to see what is happening on the web page where the client is currently browsing. The agent is not just an observer: you can show (highlight) certain spots of the page to orientate the client more quickly.

1. Open the "Chat" section - dialog window. Click the "Co-browsing" button.

2. The agent will open a pop-up window in the browser with the page opened by the client.

Cobrowsing features:

1. In-page navigation:

  • clicks mapping (they are indicated with blue circles on the agent's screen);
  • scrolling (the user's page is moving up and down following the client's actions);
  • сlicks on buttons and sections (they are also marked) on an agent page.

2. Client navigation through the pages of the site.

3. The support agent can fill out forms with the customer.

Close the window with the client's web page to stop co-browsing.

Сo-browsing is a paid option, so we connect it to your account after confirming payment. For more details and connection request, please write to us at

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