Telegram. Separate channel

Hooray! Telegram is now in a separate channel.
Previously, you had to go to the "Chat" channel settings, look for the setting for the telegram there, and in the future not to get confused in which chat channel to telegrams, and in which just chat. Or maybe everything is in one place.

Now, in the general table of channels, filters, and the lists of tickets, you will immediately understand that the channel belongs to the telegram, regardless of how you renamed it.


Agents. Adding an agent to the system

We added hints to the system when creating agents. If you do not have enough accounts for a specific role, for example, for internal employees or admins, then the system will prompt you about this. You can immediately write to us in the widget without leaving the system.
An example of what the tooltip looks like:


Reports. New charts in the General report

We continue to bring the reports to a single form. We got to the charts in the main report.

Colors, axis designations, legend, display of one or several indicators on a chart - you can see all this in the new charts. Look at the pictures and compare which chart was before the update and which it was after.
The productivity graph, like everyone else, has received a nice upgrade:
- a legend;
- animation;
- colors;
- axis. Added the y-axis designation and worked on the x-axis. There was a problem when setting a large month/year period: the indicators in the lower axis are challenging to read, and the graph itself could be stitched together in one pile (the color also decides here). Check out an example of a graph for the current year



Notice how we have derived metrics for query performance:
  • -changed the type of graphics, animation, colors;
  • -brought each indicator into separate (three) pie chart charts;
  • worked at intervals in the schedule. Previously, the gaps were divided into five parts, from the fastest response to the longest. Now we ourselves have divided the intervals in which we show the number of tickets and the percentage of the total:



Additionally, new charts have appeared for such indicators as:
  • Response time;
  • Solved by the first answer;
  • Answers pending solution.

The report "Share of tickets during working hours" was reduced in size and divided by two. That is, we have left the current report "Completed requests" (during business and non-business hours) and added a report "Received requests" (during business and non-business hours).



You will find a detailed description in our article, but visually you can already evaluate the convenience and write us feedback.


Android. Audio and video player

Now, if a client sends you an audio or video file, it is not necessary to download it. We have added the ability to listen/view audio/video files to the application.
The following functions are available in the player:
  • Start/Pause;
  • Rewind;
  • Volume;
  • Time;
  • Download;
  • Fullscreen (video player only)


WhatsApp. Message statuses

Soon, we plan to display message statuses in the chat for different channels.

We started with WhatsApp, where we implemented the display of the status of the message "delivered" and "read." For example, you can immediately see in the Usedesk chat that the client has not read your message and will be able to contact him via another communication channel.
Additionally, we redesigned the display of messages:
  • the message from the agent was highlighted;
  • the sender's name and time are attached to each message;
  • resized previews for files

Integration. Instagram (business account)

We provide the ability to connect an Instagram business account through the official API and process comments on posts and mentions in the Usedesk interface.
Previously, this was not possible. Set up your business account on Instagram, and feel free to connect them to Usedesk.The principle of work, settings, and how the integration works, read in our article.

Knowledge base. Information searching in a widget

The current search in the knowledge base in the widget used to search for a complete match in the title of an article, so sometimes it was impossible to find the information you were looking for. We have revived the search, and the system now searches not only by the title of the article, but also by its content.

Additionally, the search for articles is carried out by pressing Enter. At the bottom, the "Write to us" box may be available (if the setting in the widget "Show the submit button in the knowledge base" is enabled).

That is, the "Write to us" button will appear not only when the client reads your article in the widget but also when he searches.


iOS. Work with SLA

Added the ability to work with SLA to the iOS application:
  • displaying SLA indicators in the list of requests (time to the first/next response);
  • displaying SLA indicators in the request card (time to first/next response and time to completion)
Now, in the ticket and the list of tickets, the employee can see how much time he has left to respond to the client and meet the deadline. In expired tickets, the time is highlighted in red, in current tickets - in green.

iOS. Work with copies in a mail channel

Working with copies in the mail channel is implemented through the "Copies" button in the request card. Add cc or bcc, besides the main recipient, to whom you want to send the message.

The color of the button depends on the availability of copies. If no copies are specified, the color is gray. Previously, it was only possible to send an email to the customer's address.

iOS. File preview

Added the ability to view files that came in a message from a client in .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .xls, .RTF .txt, .doc, .csv formats. Now you do not need to download them and clog up the phone memory. Keep only what you need.

SDK. iOS. Smooth scrolling in chats

Previously, there were problems with sticking text, files, and images when viewing chat conversations. We found a solution and began to scroll more smoothly through the chat and download everything without sticking. In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it.

SDK. iOS. Token instead of a signature when initializing a chat

In the new versions of the SDK, adjustments have been made to the initialization of the chat, when the system identifies the user by the passed parameters. Recall that are:

  • name;
  • email;
  • phone;
The changes affected the signature parameter. Previously, clients specified the signature parameter themselves. To avoid mistakes, we replaced signature with token, and we will create a unique signature for each chat ourselves. Therefore:
  • signature is an obsolete parameter; we plan to abandon it. The new token parameter will replace the signature. Now we create a unique signature for each chat at least 64 characters. In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it.

Also, the token is tied to the name, mail, and phone number. If any of these parameters is entered new relative to the previous ones, a new token will be requested.


Integration. Landbot Platform for WhatsApp Connection

Choose what you use yourself. We have added another integration that provides the ability to work with official WhatsApp (Business). Read the principle of operation, settings, and how the integration works in our article.