Integration with Rocketdata - receiving reviews in Usedesk, which are left by customers on the Internet, with the ability to respond to them.

Integration setup

To connect Rocketdata to Usedesk, open the "Extensions" section and check if the integration is enabled ("ON" for "Usedesk API").

1. Go to the section "Channels" ⟶ "API" ⟶ click "Add";

2. In the "API channel" settings, fill in the fields:
  • Channel name
  • Redirect URL -, where id is the application ID (p. 4)

3. Click the "Save" button
4. Copy the value from the field "Application Id" and "Secret key" and paste it into the Rocketdata PC ⟶ Integrations section ⟶ Usedesk
5. In the "Track channel" field, select the current Rocketdata channel and click the "Save" button
Receive reviews and respond to them directly from Usedesk.
The review will drop into the request card, where on the topic, you will understand which platform it came from. The review will also contain a link to the Rocketdata LC transition and the platform on which it was left.

Important! You can reply from Usedesk only to reviews delivered after 12/05/2019. The first comment to the request is considered a response to a review. Information about the client does not get into the request card (Rocketdata encrypts data due to the personal data policy)

The system collects new reviews once an hour!

If you want to conduct further correspondence (leave comments), and not just respond under a review, you need to set up a chat.
  • Go to the "Channels" section - click "Add chat" and save the channel
  • Copy a chat id from an address line , where 7859279 is a chat id, and write it in a personal account of Rocketdata in the section “Settings” → “Integrations” → “Usedesk” → “Chat ID”. Do not forget to click the “Save information” button.
  • Go to the API channel settings (clause 2) and add the created chat to the monitored channels (the "Follow channels" setting)