Adding articles to the Knowledge base

Open the «Knowledge base» section, select the base to fill or create a new one.

The Knowledge base has a three-level structure: Directories → Categories → Articles.


In the «Directories» tab, click «Create directories».

Specify a name, and, if necessary, choose an image (it is not displayed anywhere and needed when only when using the API in some cases). Use the «Public» option to enable or disable displaying the section in the Knowledge base.

After entering all data, click «Save».

Use the following functions in the directory list.

  • Copy — an icon with a plus, allows you to create a copy of the directory, including the categories and articles it contains, so you do not lose the original data when editing. If you want to copy several directories, select them and click «Copy the chosen ones». When copying, the entire contents of the directory, including its settings, are saved;
  • Edit — icon with a pencil — possibility to change the fields «Title», «Public», «Image»;
  • Delete — the icon with a cross — delete the directory. If you want to delete several directories, select them and press «Delete the chosen ones»;
  • Adjust the sequence of directories by dragging and dropping them in the general list.

The listed functions are also available in the list of categories and articles.

Note! To remove a directory irrevocably, first, dispose of all articles and categories within it, and then the system will allow you to remove the directory itself.

Add any number of sections in your database and go to the category tab.


In the «Categories» tab, press «+» next to the directory's name to which the category belongs.

Fill in the category settings:

  • Title — enter the category name;
  • Description — add a brief description of the articles. The client will understand what is discussed in this category when studying and searching for information. If necessary, use text editing or image insertion tools;
  • Public — enable or disable displaying the category in the Knowledge base.

After entering all data, click «Save».

Add any number of directories in your Knowledge base and go to the category tab.


In the «Articles» tab, click «+». Next to the name of the category the article refers to.

Complete the settings for the article:

  • Title — enter the title of the article;
  • Description — add the article content. You can add links (button «Link»), images, and brushes (button «Insert image») to the article;
  • Public — enable or disable displaying the article in the Knowledge base;
  • Opportunity to share — fill in the checkbox, and the client will have buttons for sharing in VK, Facebook, and Odnoklassniki social networks at the bottom of the article;
  • Rating — fill in the checkbox, and the client will be able to rate «Was the article useful» (yes/no). If the client has chosen the «no» option, the field for commenting on the rating will open. You will receive this message in the form of a new request in Usedesk. You can always see the total number of positive and negative comments on a particular article when editing it.

After entering all data, click «Save».

You can see what the filled Knowledge base looks like by clicking on the «Go to knowledgebase» button. In this case, the go will be available all the structural elements, including those that are not visible to the client.