Ticket card. What's inside?

The ticket card contains all information about the request (assignee, status, event feed: correspondence/calls/service comments), tags, custom fields, reminders, client card, etc. For convenient work, the ticket card can be divided into three blocks.

Upper block

Upper block (above the line) allows you to work with ticket parameters:

Central block

Central block (under the line) contains necessary information about the request, namely:

Right block

Right block consists of client information and external connections:

Ticket id

Also, each ticket has its own id – you can see it in the address bar of your browser.

Id can be used for different purposes: for example, when customizing the CSI page, notifications setting up in Slack or Telegram, in text field variables.

Also, the parameter ticket id is used by Usedesk inside the system, so that messages of the same branch can be linked in one ticket. This parameter is sent with each ticket.

To make it less confusing for clients, it is typed in white on a white background. But sometimes, if client e-mail programs reset an html, it can be seen.