WeChat is a mobile communicative system which consists of the very popular messenger and a huge number of other widely used features. If your company has any set business connections with China or other South-East Asian countries, this channel is likely to become very important in communications with the customers. Please note that WeChat integration is not included in the basic package of Usedesk and comes with additional fees. To learn about current pricing and leave a request for integration, please contact us via support@usedesk.com

Once we have received the payment and approved that the integration is on, please use the manual below to connect your WeChat account to Usedesk.

How to connect WeChat to Usedesk

  1. Install WeChat app on your device and register an account.
  2. Log in to your account on the official website: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/.
  3. Go to Development > Basic Configuration in the left menu of your account.

  4. Add IP to the whitelist (IP whitelist)
  5. Log in to your Usedesk account and go to Extensions to check if the integration with WeChat is on.
  6. Then navigate to Channels and add a WeChat channel. The settings page will automatically be opened.
  7. Copy AppID and AppSecret from the Basic Configuration section of your WeChat account and paste them to the relevant fields in Usedesk. Press Save.

  8. Afterwards, you will see a webhook to which requests from WeChat will be recieved.

  9. Copy the webhook and paste it to the field Server address (URL) in the same section of your WeChat account.

  10. Add a random combination of letters and numbers according to set parameters to the field Token. Save the settings both in WeChat and in the Usedesk channel.

  11. Make sure that the channel is operating successfully by sending a test message as a customer via WeChat.