Customer name in tickets and ticket methods

In the method, the client_id parameter is now also given the client name: client_name

In the method, in the comment section, if the client's comment is now also given the client's name: client_name

Initialization of the widget and sending of the message

Now you can open the widget on the page and send any message on behalf of the client using the initialization method. It is convenient if you want to bind a specific question at a certain action of the client.
For example:
The client finds it on your website and clicks on the "I need legal assistance" button. A chat is opened immediately and a message "Hello. I need legal assistance".

Notifications of incoming calls

If you have telephony connected and you have enabled "Telephony. A request is created (browser)" - you will start receiving browser notifications when you receive an incoming call. This is how it works:
1) Agent picks up the phone;
2) See the notification of a newly created request;
3) Clicks on the notification and immediately falls on the request form;
4) Writes down in the card important information, which he receives from the client.