Viber integration

To connect Viber to Isedesk, you need to open the «Extensions» section and enable the «Chat center» integration. This option is paid — fill out the form after clicking on «On», and we will contact you to connect.

Messengers are connected to the widget channel, so messages will be sent to the chat. At the same time, a new chat is created for each dialog so that you can return to the correspondence later and work with it as with any other channel.

Initializing a dialog

In the «Chat» section, you can display the «Create chat» dialog creation button in Viber, which will allow you to initiate a conversation with your customers yourself.

To do this, you need:
  • connect the Viber channel in the way described above;
  • configure the agent's access rights to work with this channel, in which Viber is enabled. If the agent does not have access rights to such a channel, this button will be missing, including when assigning a chat to it or if there are administrator rights.

If you have several Viber channels, when using the «Create chat» button, you can choose which channel and to whom you will write first.

Write to the client by filling in the fields:
  • Channels — select a channel with Viber;
  • Client — enter the client's name from the drop-down list. If you need to create a new client, just write the name. If the search did not produce results, click «New client»;
  • Phone — enter the phone number in the format XXXXXXXXXX or +XXXXXXXXXX. The field supports numbers that start with +7, 7 and 8;

After filling in the required fields, click the «Create» button and write a message to the chat.

There is another way to connect Viber — through a public account (free method). This way of connection is suitable for those companies that already have a public account, as the new Viber has some limitations: for example, the account of your company can not be found through the Viber search, and clients can only write to you by direct link. To connect, create a public account according to this instructions, get its token (p. 7 in it) and send it to us at