A new way of authorization in amoCRM

Because amoCRM switched to a new system and declined the API key, we redesigned the integration settings and finalized the permission.

You can now configure the API-less integration. Just log into amoCRM and use two parameters:

  • amo_username
  • amo_domain
Please refer to the manual for more details.

API. Parameter "client_id" in method of creating chat

In the API you can create a new chat with an existing client in the system (client_id parameter).
For example, specifying the client_id parameter can create a new chat with the same client.


Interface. Updating of the upper block in ticket

Improvement of the second part of the ticket also came: we removed unnecessary indents from the upper block (it is beautiful, laconic, and more space).

We added some adoption tips to the query list: the column with SLA adjusts to the column content and does not paste the values together.


Email. Office365 (outbound connection)

To everyone who wanted or didn't want to =). A new way to connect to Office 365 mail.
If you're using Office 365, you can set up an outgoing connection. And we are moving on! There is an "incoming connection" waiting for us, but in the meantime, give it a try and write us feedback on the current functionality.


Chat. Sorting active chats by response time

We gathered requests from our users and organized sorting chats by date of the last message (from new to old). The last message may be either from a client, or from an operator.
Of course, we made provisions to return the sorting of chats by time of creation. To return everything as it was, write to our support


Viber. Information in the client card

We do not stop there and keep working on completing the customer card with valid information. Today we give you Viber.
When using Viber, the following information from the messenger gets into the client card (if not filled out earlier):
  • Avatar - pulled from Viber (client profile);
  • Name - the client's name is pulled from Viber;
  • Messengers - client's ID is pulled from Viber (we can't receive the phone number yet, they are encrypted)


Widget. Auto-initialize the chat

When you're switching from page to page on the site, the chat doesn't close, the dialogue with support stays active without interruption.
How this is implemented:
If a support chat, feedback form or knowledge base is open in a widget on the site, and the client goes to a page with the same widget, the system will open all the content in it (for example: a section in the Knowledge Base that was open earlier, a support chat where there was correspondence or a feedback form).
Counter of unread messages we also improved:
  • the counter now does not disappear when the page is refreshed;
  • counter is incremented if new messages arrive
To activate the setup, contact our support team at
Interface. Refinement of the log in the request form
We didn't skimp on the visual component either. We fixed the log in the ticket form where comments are located, including technical ones (logs).
Result: less empty space, more information on one screen.

API. Adding/modifying a position in methods of creating and updating a client

In the methods of creating and updating the client we added the "position" parameter, that allows to change the "Position" field in the client card.

API. Uniform format of emails field in method to receive clients list

In method of getting clients list in response from server the field emails now returns data in one format - string. If no address is specified, it will be null.