Reminder notify the user of the need to return to the ticket. For example, updating the ticket's status or pass the ticket to another department with the news.

To set a reminder, click the button in the icons above the ticket subject , select a date/time and click «Remind me». Change the status of the «Pending» ticket.

If the agent’s time zone is different from the company’s time zone, the system will additionally display the agent’s time. The agent will be able to select the time in the past relative to his time zone, if this time hasn’t come yet according to the company’s time zone.

If the agent works in Windows, Usedesk will focus on exactly the time zone, which was set in the settings.

If the time is manually changed in Windows, and automatic time detection is turned off, Usedesk won’t let you select the time in the past.

On a specified date a current ticket will reopen with the «Open» status and will be displayed in the corresponding filters. A reminder will work in a ticket with any status, except «Open». In tickets with the «Open» status a reminder will disappear, if it hasn’t worked.

A reminder can initiate not only a request reopening, but also another action. To do this you need to configure the trigger, which will fulfill it. The list of conditions and actions can be any: for example, to send an automatic reply to the client, assign a request to the specific agent, send a notification to the agent etc. If a ticket had the «Open» status and a reminder worked, a linked trigger will not work either.

Before setting a reminder, it is useful to add an internal comment, for which purpose the ticket should be reopened. Then you and your colleagues will know what to do with this ticket after it is updated.