Buttons on the profile page

The "Show hints again" button is no longer available on the profile page, and we have moved the "Save" button to its place.

Not random widget element identifiers

To enable you to do analytics by clicking on widget elements, we have systematized the names of classes or ids of the following elements:

1. Widget icon - uw-main-button;

2. Widget closing button - uw-main-button-close;

3. The button to close the chat window when the chat is active - uw-close-chat-button;

4. The button "Task complete?" - uw-task-solved-button;

5. The button to send a message - uw-message-submit-button;

6. Attachment-button - uw-attachment-button;

7. Each of possible channel buttons:

  • id: 'uw-button-facebook';
  • id: 'uw-button-telegram';
  • id: 'uw-button-ok';
  • id: 'uw-button-viber';
  • id: 'uw-button-vk';
  • id: 'uw-button-skype';
  • id: 'uw-button-whatsapp';
  • id: 'uw-button-instagram';

8. The button to send an e-mail when starting a chat dialogue - uw-send-email-button;

9. Clicking the buttons when viewing an article in the knowledge base:

  • The "Write us" button - uw-button-docs-write;
  • The button "Back" - uw-button-docs-back.


Changes in the list of macroses

In this update we have worked on the list of macroses and changed some important functions:

1. We have divided the list of macroses into "Active" and "Not active". Now you do not need to go into each macros separately to see which macroses you are currently using and which are inactive.

Note! Macroses from the "Not active" list are displayed without a structure (section/category), while the inactive macros remembers in which structure it was created. For example, if you change the setting of inactive macros to "Enabled", then it gets to the list "Active" in the desired section/category.

2. Changed the system of macroses copying. In the new system, you can copy and delete only one macros each, to avoid, for example, accidental mass deletion. We added the "Copy" button as an icon to the right of the "Edit" button, which appears when you hover over the macros only.

The buttons for mass editing "Copy the chosen ones" and "Delete the chosen ones" have been deleted.

3. Hide actions over sections and categories. Similar to the line with the macros, the buttons for actions began to appear when you put the cursor over a section/category.

Telegram. Displaying the sent contact in Usedesk

We have improved the integration with Telegram, and now, if you send a contact, it will be displayed in Usedesk too (message format - text "Name and phone number").


Changes when creating an outgoing ticket

In the outgoing ticket, we removed the link "New Client" from the drop-down list of the field "Client" and made it static. When you click on the link, fields for entering data on the new client will appear.