Yandex Market

Made an integration with reviews of stores on Yandex Market. Now you can enable integration, enter your store key, and after that all reviews will start to enter the system as new requests. Unfortunately, it will be impossible to answer them from the system, but you can go directly to the review page to write to a client from Yandex Market.

Import base in chat bot

Now we can import the accumulated customer base for a certain period. Will be imported:

  • answers through the rules;
  • responses through templates;
  • primary question-answer in the ticket.

Import will take some time. An average of 5 documents every minute.

Also removed the division of the Knowledge Base into groups of Agents. Now the Knowledge Base is divided only by channels.


Yandex Chat

Have passed certification and have made integration. Now you can add Usedesk as a provider for Yandex Chat. The client directly from the search results of Yandex will be able to ask the company a question, and this question will fall into the chat in Usedesk.


A reminder function has appeared in the request card (clock icon). An employee can in any request set himself a reminder for any date and time. At the appointed time, the ticket will re-open (status "New") and, accordingly, will remind about itself.

Identification in the widget

Added user identification functionality to the widget. If the company has a personal account on the site - the system will immediately understand what kind of user it is and “hook it up” to the conversation. Also, the widget will not re-request mail if it is already known to it.

Write client in WhatsApp

Now you can immediately contact the client in Whatsapp.

Next answer counter color (SLA)

In the request list instead of a green background, the counter of the non-first answer will now have a yellow background. Due to this, it will be possible to immediately visually understand where the answer has already been and what ticket is the new appeal.


Chat bot

Ability to train the bot on a bunch of question and answer. The system remembers the bundles and, with similar answers, it can either automatically answer the client on behalf of the bot, or supply the top 3 most relevant answers to the question.

Instagram in Widget

The Instagram button in the widget, when clicked, opens the channel.

Style button "Go to post"

Changed the style of the button "Go to Post", which is in the request card, if it came from VK / FB. Previously, the button was gray and it was not clear that you can click on it. Pressing opens the VK / FB.

Optimized Yandex Translator

Since Yandex has a limit on the number of transfers per day, the system quickly spent them. Found a problem, and now transfers are spent more economically. We can also connect a translator to a Yandex client account, and the client will be able to buy packages with a large number of translations.