Security. Captcha

Previously, it was possible to brute-force account passwords without any restrictions. Today we added a captcha to the authorization page, which we display after three unsuccessful attempts.


Reports. Additional filters

We added the "Client" and "Companies" filters to the reports, which show information based on the tickets of the selected client or company, respectively.


API. Agent's avatar

Now the API can send and receive an agent's avatar:
  • In the method of the list of agents (URL: and groups of agents (URL:, you can get an avatar;
  • In the method for updating (URL: and creating (URL: an agent, you can add or remove an avatar for an agent.


Instagram. Reply to the story (information in the ticket)

Previously, when clients wrote from stories, for example, sent emoticons or asked questions, it was not evident in Usedesk that this was precisely the answer to stories because on Instagram, like in Usedesk, these are private messages. Now, along with the text of the message, we began to indicate information in the message that this is a response to stories with a link to it.

This update will allow you to separate such messages and, for example, set up automatic triggers for them.


Triggers. New conditions for the alarm clock

Usedesk has the "Reminders" functionality – this is an action by which the agent will receive a notification that it is necessary to return to the ticket. Today we have added conditions to the triggers that consider the presence of a reminder and the time with possible automatic actions.
For example, you need to run a trigger if there are 30 minutes left before the "alarm" or take into account that the ticket has an alarm, so you do not need to start any automatic action.
New items have been added to the triggers:
1. In the block "When" – "Time until reminder."

2. In the block "What" – "Reminder," when the system will check whether it is installed or not.


Security. Two-factor authentication, password validation, and passwords reset

A lot of work has been done to protect your accounts:
– added additional password validation in the system. Occurs wherever you want to change or set a new password;

– implemented password reset functionality for automatic and manual password reset for all users. Read more in the article;

– built two-factor authentication into the system for more effective account protection. Read more in the article.


Instagram Business. CSI in the direct

Instagram Business has been available for free for two months now, but we didn't stop there. We continue to refine the integration. And added CSI score for direct messages this month.


Viber. Chat initialization

If Viber is your main channel, then make updates. We have implemented the ability to write to the first client from Usedesk.
Read more about chat initialization in our article.


Templates. A new window for choosing templates

To insert a template into a ticket card, it used to be necessary to perform a lot of unnecessary actions. At the same time, the modal window for selecting a template blocked the page's entire content.
Now the choice of templates works in the interface you are accustomed to, as in the "Change of agent" in the ticket card.
  • The search bar (if you press Enter) now searches by the name of the template and by the entire content. That will allow you not to keep the names of the templates in your head but only to remember its essence. At the same time, we left the search logic familiar to everyone, that is, if you simply entered text into the search bar, then before pressing Enter, it will search only by name;
  • A list of sections with templates available to the agent will be displayed on the right. Selecting a section will filter out unnecessary templates that are not included in it.
Since we have adjusted the choice of templates to the interface you are used to, then the "Change of artist" itself has been put in order:
  • We started to pull up the avatars of the agents;
  • All offsets have been removed. For example, the name and title are now underneath each other.


Channels. Adding channels

In the "Channels" section, there is no longer a massive list of possible channels that you can connect to Usedesk. The list is hidden under the "Add channel" button.

The list of available channels for connection now looks like this:


WhatsApp Business. Improvements when using templates

If you are using our standard WhatsApp Business channel, you will notice a significant difference when working with templates.
Previously, when initiating a conversation through WhatsApp Business, you had to write the exact name of the template with your hands and add a list of necessary variables.

Now the list of templates is pulled up automatically when creating a chat.

At the same time, we have improved not only the list:
  • when choosing a template from the list, we display its text and the field for variables if they are in the template. There is a separate field for each variable;
  • the agent can save variables for the current template (the "Save variables" button). The next time you select this template, the system will automatically fill in the fields for variables;
  • after 24 hours after the last message from the client, the field for writing an external comment is deactivated, the "Send Template" button replaces the "Reply" button. When you click on "Send Template," all the functionality described above will be available.