Ticket merging

To the right of the answer, the field is the client's profile. Here you can see his contact details and other customer tickets. If the client has several addresses, the one from which the message has been sent will be highlighted in bold.

To see what the client was talking about earlier, click on the name of the ticket. In the window that opens, you will see the ticket itself with all the client's messages, replies, and company comments. Click the «Open» button to go to this ticket.

The client can send several tickets with the same content, and to avoid confusion, you can combine the tickets. To do this, select the necessary one from the list of client's tickets and click «Merge» in the window. The selected tickets will be merged with the current ones; thus, unnecessary tickets will not accumulate, and you will avoid repeated answers to the same question.

In the service comments of the current ticket, a link and the last message from the ticket with which they merge is performed will appear. The link will always allow you to go to the merged ticket and view the necessary information.

Clicking on the link in the window that opens, you will see all the information about the ticket, with which the merge was performed, including the status of the ticket — «Merged» and the service comment about it.

Tickets with the «Merged» status are not displayed in the general list. To display them in the general list, select «Status» in the system filter — «Merged».