Facebook integration

Facebook connection

Facebook integration with Usedesk allows you to process personal messages and comments on posts.


You can only connect to Usedesk a public Facebook page to which you have full administrative access. If the person who added the page to Usedesk loses administrator access, the page must be linked again.

To connect the Facebook page to Usedesk:

1. Open the «Extensions» section and check if the Facebook extension is enabled:

2. Go to the «Channels» section and click «Add Channel».

3. Click on Facebook:

4. Fill in the Facebook authorization form.

5. After authorization, select the connection page by ticking the checkbox.

6. Confirm the connection.

7. Done, the channel is connected! The page will appear in the channel list until the access key is active.

When the time comes to update the key, you will receive an email asking you to update your settings.

By default, messages from Facebook come in the form of tickets, but if you want to process them in a chat, follow these steps:
1. Go to the «Extensions» section and check that the «Online Chat» extension is enabled.

2. Go to the «Channels» section and click «Add Channel».

3. Click on «Chats».

4. In order for messages from Facebook to come to the chat, it is enough only to have the «Chat» channel, so you do not need to change the channel settings — you can only specify the channel name that is convenient for you, if necessary, and then click on the «Save» button at the bottom.

5. Go to the Facebook channel settings.

6. Link Facebook to the desired chat channel and click «Save».

7. Done! Now you can process private messages from Facebook in the Usedesk «Chat» section.

Reconnecting the channel

If a channel access key expired or integration stopped for some reason, you need to reconnect a channel. To reconnect it, do the following:

1. Go to the Facebook channel settings.

2. Click the «Login by Facebook» button.

3. Click the «Edit Settings» button.

4. Select a necessary page and click «Next».

5. Check, if all permissions are enabled, and click «Done».

6. Click «OK».

7. In the Usedesk channel settings click the green button «Update».

Done, the channel is reconnected!


When working with the «Facebook» channel, take into account the limitations of their policy when communicating with the client:

1. 24-hour window for standard correspondence:

  • You are given 24 hours to reply to a message sent by the client. The 24-hour countdown starts anew each time the client sends you a message;
  • You can send any materials to the client, including promotional materials;
  • The client must contact you first.
2. Sending messages by subscription:
Unlike standard correspondence, you can write to the client not only within 24 hours, from the last message, but also later. In this case, you need to send a request to request to the Facebook News Page Index (NPI), specifying the expected scenario of use and taking into account several limitations:
  • Subscription messages may not include promotional and marketing materials, information about promotions and special offers;
  • If a customer responds to a subscription message, this correspondence will be considered standard.

3. The limit on the number of characters when sending a message from Usedesk is 1986.