Chat. Saving previously entered text

Before: the added text was duplicated for all dialogs and wasn't saved after the page refreshing,
Now: the text is saved (if the field is not cleared):
  • for a specific chat and user;
  • when you refresh the chat page;
  • when switching between chats and closing a chat;
  • before the chat is closed (Done / Done / Spam / Subscribe / Deleted).
The new system of previously entered text in the chat will help you not send the text to another client by mistake and not lose the text you typed so diligently.

iOS. New functions when clicking on a request number

Clicking on the request number has been extended with new functions:
  • Share a link to the current request on social networks, messengers;
  • Copy link to the current request.


SLA. Sorting in the query list

The column "SLA" in the list of requests (shows the deadline for responding) is now sorted by the time of the first/next response and takes into account the time before the request is completed. Sort looks at the lesser of two metrics:
  • Ascending - sorts by the least time of the two metrics (the time of the first response (with further correspondence, it will change to the time of the subsequent response) and the time until the request is completed);
  • Descending - sorts by the most time of the two metrics (time of the first response (with further correspondence, it will change to the time of the subsequent response) and the time before the request is completed)

Request card. Resizing blocks

In January, we added the ability to customize the size of the blocks for yourself in chats, and now we have started the request card.

In the request card, you can change the size of the right block for yourself (customer information). Drag the icon next to the "Customer Information" block.

SDK. iOS. Improvement of the rating in the chat

How many times do you not close the chat, the rating will work as it should. In the current update, we have worked through various cases when working with the assessment.


API. Search queries for a specific additional field

We added new parameter fields to the ticket list method, filtering by an additional field's identifier and value. We recommend using a search by a specific field for more accurate results, not just by value.
The array contains parameters:
  • id - id of the additional field;
  • value - the value of the additional field

SDK. iOS. Improvement of FF in the chat

In the current update, we began to respond to the settings of the Feedback Form (FF), which are configured in your widget channel:

  • Never - the chat is always displayed;
  • Outside working hours - FF is displayed if there are no online operators;
  • Always FF only - still displays FF;
  • Always FF + chat - FOS is displayed, and after filling - a chat to which information about the filled data is sent to the FF.

Greetings, topics of the appeal, and additional fields are also duplicated in the FF.


WebP format (or stickers from messengers)

We started to support WebP format with the ability to view without downloading. A good bonus is stickers from Telegram, WhatsApp in Usedesk tickets.


Telegram. File upload restrictions

Telegram has its limitations, but we know how to bypass them.

A file can be sent from Telegram to Usedesk no more than 20 MB in size. And so that your customers know about it for sure, we have added an information tip "Maximum file size: 20 MB".

Files form Usedesk larger than 50MB will be sent to the client as a download link.


SDK. Android

A new version of the SDK has been released. Android, which we will develop and support. In the new version, you will see:
  • a new design that you can adjust to your corporate style;
  • even more parameters for customization

See the documentation for details.

The old version of the SDK. Android has not gone anywhere, we support it, but we do not develop.

SDK. iOS. Localization system

Added a new parameter to the chat initialization screen in the application:
  • localeldentifier - supports four languages: Russian, English, Portuguese, Spanish (ru, en, pt, es), and you can also transfer your language dictionary. You can view the keys and current locales in the UDLocalizeManager. If you pass your glossary, it must contain all the keys of the default localization.


Audio and video player in chats and requests

If a client sends you an audio or video file, it is not necessary to download it. We have added the ability to listen/view audio/video files to the request card and chat. Additionally, we began to react to the link from youtube, turning it into a player.

The following functions are available to the players:
  • Start / Pause;
  • Rewind;
  • Volume;
  • Time;
  • Download;
  • Fullscreen (video player only)


Channel availability notifications

We are setting "No messages" to add channel availability quickly for your peace of mind and ours. This setting goes next to a notification that will track the absence of messages from clients in a specific channel for n-time. For details, see the instructions.


SDK. iOS. Message delivery status

The chat began to display information about the sending and delivery of messages and files:

If the delivery report does not come to us within 7 seconds, the message will be marked with the "not delivered" status. You can send such a message again or delete it;
If the delivery report still came to us, then the "not delivered" status will automatically change to "delivered."


Jira. New features in the additional block
In the integration with Jira, we have expanded the possibilities for full-fledged work with Jira tasks from Usedesk: creating and updating tasks, tracking the latest changes, linking one or more tasks to a standard request card, etc. Read more in our article.


Activity feed

The agent's actions are now summarized in the "Activity feed" table, which is located in the agent's profile and includes the following events:

  • External comments of the agent;
  • Internal agent comments;
  • Agent actions in the request;
  • Switching agent status in requests;
  • Switching agent status in chats
Read more in our article.


Instagram. WhatsApp. Error display on lost connection

In the WhatsApp and Instagram channels, we added error tracking when the connection with Usedesk is lost. It will show the error in red indicating the reason.

For example: "The connection with your phone has been lost. Check if the phone is charged, with WhatsApp activated and connected to a stable internet network."