Refine the notifications in the user's profile

To not miss the client's request and process it as soon as possible, we have expanded the functionality of notifications and added new e-mail and browser notifications. We also improved the agent profile setting card by dividing it into blocks:

  1. Profile. In this block we have optimized the location of the fields;
  2. Telephony. This block will now be displayed in your profile setting if one or more "Telephony" channels are created;
  3. Notifications. In the new functionality, notifications can be sent to your e-mail and browser by all the specified types of notifications in the settings. For e-mail notifications we have added chat notifications and if a call request is created. And now you can enable browser notifications not only for chat but also for requests.

Additionally, we have removed most of the notifications as enabled by default for the new employee. Simultaneously, an employee with "Admins" permissions can still configure any notifications for himself and others. And for the employees with the "Employee" and "Support" permissions, we have limited the configuration of some notifications to e-mail.

Changes in the SLA report

It is now possible to generate SLA reports in real-time, thus seeing the full picture of requests in any status. For example, you can see how many requests the agent has missed out on the total number of requests at the moment.
In addition, we have taken into account the SLA parameters and added the ability to display statistics not only on the requests but also on agents' responses.

Translation of statuses into English

In the English version we have changed the name of the statuses:
- Pending;
- On hold;
- Newsletter.

Chat. Change the size of the response field

Change the text entry field's size in the chat room about other elements only vertically. In the bottom right corner, pull the up/down arrow and set the field size to a comfortable size.

Information about access to macroses in the general list

In the list of macroses we have added the possibility to view the information about who can access the macros without going to its settings. If you hover over the macros, the buttons for the "Edit" and "Delete" actions appear.

New parameters in the ticket method

In response to the method of getting information about the "/ticket" request, we have added the following parameters:

- client_name - client name;

- additional_id - additional client identifier.

Parameter "ftag" in the tickets method

Fixed the work of the method of getting the list of tickets "/tickets" with the parameter "ftag". Now, if you specify several tags, filtering by all the specified tags will be performed.

Parameter "last_comment" in the ticket method

Corrected the "last_comment" parameter in the response of the method of getting the list of tickets "/tickets". Now the last comment of the request is displayed in the answer.


Display of the person responsible in the request form

We have finalized the "Change assignee" button in the request card's header and added the name and surname of the responsible agent. Now the agent visually understands who is responsible for the request.