Ticket assignee

The assignee is the agent (the group of agents) responsible for incoming calls to the Usedesk. Generally, the assignee writes messages to the client or leaves comments to other employees.
The assignee is indicated in the ticket card together with the «Change assignee» button.

You can change the assignee in the ticket form in two ways:

1. In the icons above the subject of the request.

  • Click on the «Change assignee» button in the icons above the subject of the ticket, and a menu with a list of all users of the company (left column) and groups of users (right column) will appear;
  • Select one responsible user (or a group of users by double-clicking). Clicking on a group will display a list of its members on the left side. The mark next to the employee's name indicates his/her online status (green — online, red — offline). In addition, use the search line - enter the user's name in part or in full. Double-clicking on the «All» group clears the artist field, and the ticket becomes unassigned;

The same way to change the assignee is available in chats.

2. At the bottom of the ticket card to the left of the «Reply» button — this method allows you to automatically assign a user who communicates with the client as an executor:

  • Click «Reply», and you will automatically be the current assignee of the ticket. If you write an internal comment, the current ticket performer will remain in the «Assignee» field if you press the «Reply» button. If the ticket was not initially assigned, then with any answer choice (message or comment), you are automatically assigned an assignee;
  • If you want to change the assignee when responding, click on your name (not assigned/named to another user/group of users) in the «Assignee» field, and in the drop-down list, select the user or group of users who will be responsible for the current ticket. In addition, use the search box — partially or completely enter the name or name of the user group.

The assignee often changes along with the status of the ticket. Additionally, you can configure the automatic assignment of the assignee of the ticket using the rules.