Visual design of the Knowledge base

Design your knowledge base according to your corporate style.

Open the «Knowledge Base» section, select the base to be edited (or create a new one), click «Edit».

In the knowledge base settings, fill in the fields responsible for the element colors in six-digit HEX code format (they can be found in the palette of any graphic editor or as tables in the public access on the Internet):

  • Background color — background of all pages of the knowledge base;
  • Header color — the color of the top panel, where the name of the knowledge base and the logo are located, the color of the «Find» button, the color of the search field on the internal pages;
  • Text color — text color from the field «Description» when filling the knowledge base;
  • Link color — colour of internal links in articles, article titles within categories, and links in the Knowledge base footer;
  • Link background — background of links;
  • Nav link color — сolour of buttons which help to switch between categories when reading articles.

To add pictures to categories, select a needed category and click the pencil icon.

You moved to the category editing section. You can insert an image into a category description — to do this, click the «Image» button and select a needed image from your computer.

To make images in categories look neat, set them to one size through an html code.

Take into account original proportions of images and choose similar sizes, so that resizing does not stretch or narrow them.